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Hey, this is Mermaid!

I present my collection before you folks!

The mermaid is here to adorn your feelings and give it a new style. We have a huge range of lifestyle products including jewellery and handicrafts to satisfy your quest for affordable, trendy and luxurious crafts. Our highly skilled craftsmen can craft your curiosity and give you the joy and satisfaction you look for, be it jewellery or handicrafts.

Why choose mermaid?

Our collection of lifestyle products is unique as we put genuine effort in exploring the world of craftsmanship. 

We shape what you dream of.

Be it vintage or  contemporary, “Mermaid” offers you impeccable quality at affordable prices.


MD’s Message

My Boss wants to talk with you!

We have a dedicated team to collect cultural and ethnic products from all over India in our attempt at bringing the best to you, We are blending cottage industry with a touch of cultural significance. Our aim is to promote authentic cultural arts and artisans from cottage industries. In buying our products, you are also helping the cottage industry prosper.

CMO's Message

Our Mission is to improve and enrich lives everywhere by offering extraordinary lifestyle solutions backed by incomparable value addition and innovation to our customers.

A Few Words About Pearls

Pearls are lustrous hard stones that are made from mollusks. Out of the 8,000 different species of mollusks, about 20 are capable of regularly making pearls. These pearls are cultivated with great care in controlled environments.

Natural Pearls

Natural pearls form in the bodies, or mantle tissue, of certain mollusks, usually around a microscopic irritant, and always without human help of any kind. Early pearl cultivation involved planting a nucleus in wild oysters or implanting a tiny piece of pearl mantle in the oysters

Cultured Pearls

Today, most of the mollusks used in the culturing process are raised significantly. Cultured pearls are of two types – freshwater and saltwaters Pearls are lustrous hard stones that are made from mollusks. All the pearls are real, but the requirement of human intervention is what makes cultured pearls, ‘cultured’

The purest and best quality at the best rates. Every strand of pearl is handpicked and carefully screened.The jewellery is handcrafted to perfection and designed to suit various occasions and price ranges.